Lawley’s Dark New England Spirit

Lawley’s Dark New England Spirit

The boldness associated with George Lawley is undeniable. Lawley’s Dark New England Spirit pays homage to exactly that.

Our Original New England Spirit meets American Oak where it picks up depth, character and texture till ready for bottling. Our use of oak imparts Lawley’s Dark with a mahogany hue, bakeshop spice, and a flavor to match the 92 Proof.

The fireside glow of mahogany from inside the bottle leaves no room for doubt. Lawley’s dark comes though with lush cinnamon, nutmeg and toffee laced with caramelized maple sugars. 92 Proof let’s the texture of the spirit carry through and balance the confectionary nose and makes clear- Lawley’s is undeniable.

Fair winds and following seas can’t be right without a good cocktail…

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