Lawley’s New England Spirit

Lawley’s New England Spirit

Withstanding integrity & beauty. George Lawley was a renowned builder of America’s Cup winning yachts and innovative naval vessels. His style was grounded in simplicity and driven by practicality.

His stories, legacy, and the sea-salted energy drip from the bricks within 12R Ericsson and inspired us daily to create “New Coastal Standards”. Spirits that are crafted and quintessentially New England as the boats George Lawley and Son brought to those Atlantic waters.

Molasses and Ackermann Grade “B” Maple find their way to a low and slow ferment melding two of the most traditional sugar products of our region. After three distillations in our Vendome pot still, our Original New England Spirit is rested in steel and smithed to 86 Proof.

New England’s rum heritage blends with Vermont maple syrup to showcase tradition and terroir in Lawley’s New England Spirit. Vanilla bean and maple sugar on the nose carry through to a familiar palate of fresh ginger, candied lemon and cinnamon.

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