Putnam New England Rye Whiskey

Putnam New England Rye Whiskey

Nothing says American Whiskey like Rye. Big, spicy Rye. Sitting harborside all Summer and winter long. Come by and get yourself a bottle.

We re-distill New Make Rye from the Midwest to our Master Distiller’s “to the touch” standards. We get it off the still at 155 proof and lay it down in fresh Char #4, New 53 gallon American Oak Barrels.
After resting harborside all Summer long… that Rye is tasting damn good.

Big. Chewy. Spicy.

This earthy Rye leaves nothing to be desired and no questions to be asked. The nose is filled with black pepper, sea salt, and oak. Baked apple, spiced pear and vanilla back the palate. A sharper, earthy finish that you can only get from a rye wraps the whole experience up for an unforgettable whiskey.

Cocktails? Sure-
Make a classic Manhattan or Old-Fashioned.
Try a Julep or a Smash
Keep it classic.

3 Parts Putnam Rye
1 Part Sweet Vermouth(Carpano Antica)
2 Strong Dashes of Angostura Bitters
Combine in a mixing glass over ice. Stir till chilled and strain into a cocktail glass or over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass.
Garnish with a twist of Lemon or Jack Rudy Cherry

Seasonal Smash
2 1/2 oz Putnam Rye
1/2 oz Honey, Maple or Dark Sugar Simple Syrup
1/2 Lemon, Wedged
Sprig of Fresh Mint, Thyme, or Rosemary
Fruit of Choice(Berries, Peaches, Plums)
Muddle fruit and herbs in bottom of shaker tin
Add ice, rye and simple syrup
Shake it hard, strain it out over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass.
Garnish with fresh fruit and herbs. Maybe a crack of fresh pepper if you want it epicurean.

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