Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur

Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur

Boston Cream: The state dessert of Massachusetts, a flavor, and a memory inextricably linked to our nostalgia. We couldn’t help ourselves but blend this indulgent creation reminiscent of everything sweet and delicious about New England.

Seymour’s is blended by our Midwest partner, the cream experts, to create this proprietary recipe with fresh Wisconsin cream, West Indian Rum, and local maple syrup. 30 Proof, silky smooth and perfectly sweet.

Split down the middle with Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur, poured over ice cream, poured over pancakes….However you choose to use it- Seymour’s Boston Cream is about to be a new favorite.

The “Eye-Opener”
Equal parts Putnam Rye, Seymour’s Coffee and Seymour’s Boston Cream
Shaken over ice
Poured into a glass with ice.

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