Seymour’s Local Roast Coffee Liqueur

Seymour’s Local Roast Coffee Liqueur

Coffee- When done right, is expressive. It shows character and personality. Proper coffee brings us to that place we need to be, why can’t our coffee liqueur? In a land of cloyingly sweet excuses, we bring you what you’ve been missing… Coffee liqueur that tastes as rich, bold and expressive as your coffee does.

You deserve better.

Spicy, broad shouldered rye spirit lays the canvas for our house recipe featuring Plutocrat(Rhode Island) Sumatra, a cold-brew of Barrington Coffee Roasters “413” Roast and finished with Ackermann Grade “B” Maple Syrup from Cabot, VT.

You know the difference. You can smell the freshness of a roast, the bold- the robust flavor of the morning’s first french press or pour-over. That balanced sweetness, a New England tradition of adding Maple to Coffee.

Evocative, sublime… Mocha, fresh fig, molasses and cherry. Full bodied and with a finish that sets a standard.

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