Spirit of Boston – Limited Release

Brimming with citrus and tropical fruits with an underpinning of hops… This is where the New World Belgian Tripel started its journey with us. Where it goes- Well that’s a whole New World. After distillation the Tripel takes a turn…
On the nose: Hopped perfume laced with vanilla bean and woody spice.
On the palate: Big, malty richness lays the canvas for hop, candied lemon peel, and salted toffee.
On the finish: Sweet and savory meet, leaving you with a trademark stamp of hops and barrel tannin.

The most traditional of the group – This stout started with all the rich notes of boldly roasted coffee and plum that one would expect from a blend of 13 different ingredients. After distillation and barreling the 13th Hour certainly satisfies a whiskey drinkers cravings for something unique but familiar.
On the nose: Robust. Dark roast coffee, fresh plum and forest floor.
On the palate: A dry, but lush whiskey. The coffee, cinnamon & cocoa powder notes stand tall, but a slight tartness of grilled plum makes itself known.
On the finish: Long and lingering. Espresso, cinnamon and malt.

The name says it all… A beautiful brew of holiday spice. The stout itself has a smooth sweetness of the roasted malts and is paired with the intense spice of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Distillation and barreling brings this stout to a new place… Our Distiller’s believe this to be one of the best they’ve made.
On the nose: Gingerbread, vanilla bean and a bakeshop full of spice.
On the palate: A perfect winter warmer. Gingerbread cookie, caramelized vanilla custard, sea salt and roasted orange.
On the finish: Melt in your mouth. Buttery, full and sweet spice.

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