Spirit of Boston: Double Black Lager

Spirit of Boston: Double Black Lager

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Spirit of Boston varieties are award-winning expressions distilled from finished Samuel Adams beer varieties. Inspired by the treasured connection between Boston Harbor Distillery and Boston Beer Company, this 84 proof spirit stretches the imagination of what beer is and how it’s enjoyed.


The distillation process concentrates and amplifies the delicate flavors of each grain, spice & hop used to make the beer. Twice distilled and laid to rest in used barrels so the wood flavors do not overwhelm the subtle nuances of each variety. Bottled at 84 proof, the year Boston Beer Co was founded.

Samuel Adams Double Black Lager Ingredients: Two-row pale malt blend, Munich & Carafa malts, Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops & Spalt Spalter noble hops


Cloaked in mystery and darkness, this Schwarzbier was originally stored in deep caves in the shadowy forests of Eastern Germany.
On the nose: Chocolate, oak and caramel
On the palate: Coffee and licorice-like notes

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