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ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 40% ABV/ 80 proof

Boston Harbor Distillery is not permitted to ship spirits direct to consumers. Please visit our distillery or your local retailer. Currently our Dark Rum is unavailable online.


SIZE: 750mL

ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 40% ABV/ 80 proof


Distilled in small batches in our Vendome copper pot still from 100% molasses (New England style) and pure Quabbin Reservoir water, rested on wood and bottled at 80 proof is truly delicious. Referred to as a “vatted rum” as used wood staves and pieces are added to un-aged rum for approximately 8 weeks resulting in flavors of caramel, vanilla and bakeshop spiced finish and a smooth, silky texture defined once again by our distiller’s narrow hearts cuts. 

Lawley’s Dark is the perfect foundation for any cocktail or just over ice.


Vanilla, oak, caramel, and hints of rye spice – you don’t need much more than this aged rum to want to crave the high seas. We enjoyed Lawley’s Small Batch Dark Rum for the balance of sweet, tropical flavors with the spice and oak dryness from the rye barrels. It makes for a great sipping rum and a wonderful base for any number of cocktails, such as an Old Fashioned, where an aged rum can work as a substitution.

Try with Goodnow Farms Lawley's Dark Rum Chocolate Bar!



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