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Where do you ship Boston Harbor Distillery Products?

We offer shipping to much the continental United States.  Most of our online orders are fulfilled through our partnership with Seelbach's ( and ForWhiskeyLovers (

How long does it take to get my order?

We typically take about 48 hours to process orders and get them in transit to you.  Then, depending on the method chosen, it's up to the shipper.


Do you accept returns?

All sales of Boston Harbor Distillery products are final, except for cases where product was damaged in transit.  If your product was damaged in transit, please CLICK HERE to fill out our damaged product refund request form.


What are your current hours?

Mon-Fri: 10am to 4pm mercantile sales (or shop us online or visit one of our many retail partners)

Whiskey Wednesdays: VIP Tours available at 3pm and 5pm
Saturday: 3pm to 8pm cocktails, sampler tastings and VIP Tours

Sunday: CLOSED (Unless special event)

Join us for live music, hosted by SHK Music, on a variety of evenings. Learn more on the
SHK Music website

Are you dog friendly?

Yes! All friendly, well behaved dogs are welcome in the distillery. Doggie meet ups are also permitted but due to limited capacity, reservations are required.

Is there parking available?

There is free parking available, alongside of the distillery only.

Do you serve food?

Although we do not serve food, except pretzels on request, you are permitted to order food from a licensed Boston restaurant. For a delightful dining experience, Venezia Waterfront Restaurant is on the property as well.

What precautions are in place regarding COVID-19?

We continue to take the health and safety of all our guest very seriously.  The distillery’s unique 40 ft ceilings, macro fans and open space naturally provides distance between patrons and ventilation. Hand sanitizer is available for use.


Who are your current distributors?

Brescome Barton, Inc
(203) 239-4901

Martignetti Cos
United & Excel Divisions
(781) 348-8000

MS Walker
(617) 776-5808

NEW YORK (Upstate & Western NY Only)
Empire Merchants
(800) 338-3880

Martignetti Cos of NH, VT and ME
(603) 669-5884

Mancini Beverage

Florida Craft Distributors
(561) 801-7355

Favorite Brands
(972) 943-0263

Los Angeles, Orange County
Scout Distribution

(858) 401-7707

San Diego
Classic Beverage

(626) 934-3700

Neat Wines


Can I buy online?

Yes. Please visit the shop section of our website.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, they are. All spirits, even those distilled from grains such as wheat, rye, and barley are gluten-free. That’s because during distillation, the grains containing gluten proteins that provide sugar and starch for fermentation are removed completely, and none of it is carried over into the final product, be that product whiskey, gin, rum or any other spirit.

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