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ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 45% ABV/ 90 proof

Boston Harbor Distillery is not permitted to ship spirits direct to consumers. Please visit our distillery or your local retailer to purchase.

TYPE: Flavored Gin

SIZE: 750mL

ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 45% ABV/ 90 proof


Lawley's Strawberry Flavored Gin is crafted from 100% wheat with lemon, tangerine &
orange peels, Angelica & Orris Roots, coriander and Juniper, fresh strawberries added for flavor and color, distilled and bottled at 90 proof harbor side at Boston Harbor Distillery

Inspired by the sailors of yesteryear who occupied our distillery, this delicious sipper
has a vibrant pink color and delightful strawberry & citrus-forward flavor. Try it in a
Strawberry Basil Lemonade, mixed with tonic water and/or your favorite juice.
Smooth sailing...Cheers!

Charities We Support

Marisa's Mission

Marisa’s Mission strives to alleviate the stress and financial burdens on cancer patients and their families during and after treatment. Their support services include hospital visits, travel and lodging assistance, copay coverage, and home care assistance, ensuring that patients can prioritize their health and family. To learn more about Marisa’s Mission, please visit their website.

Donate to Marisa's Mission at the link below:

Donate To Marisa's Mission Here

The Julie Fund

The Julie Fund is one of Massachusetts' largest organizations dedicated to women's cancer. The fund focuses on innovative research, educational resources, and comprehensive patient and family support. Purchasing Lawley's Strawberry Gin directly contributes to these transformative efforts. For more information on The Julie Fund, please visit their website.

Donate to The Julie Fund at the link below:

Donate To the Julie Fund Here



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