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ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 43% ABV/ 86 proof

Boston Harbor Distillery is not permitted to ship spirits direct to consumers. Please visit our distillery, your local retailer or one of our online retailers below.

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TYPE: Whiskey

SIZE: 750mL



Grain bill is made up of 95% rye malt and 5% two-row malted barley. We re-distill Rye distillate to our Master Distiller’s “to the touch” standards. After making additional narrow heart cuts, the Rye spirit comes off the still at 155 proof. It then goes into a virgin, 53-gallon white American oak barrel that has been toasted and heavily charred until ready, then bottled at 86 proof. As America’s Original Whiskey, nothing says American more than Rye.


Boston Harbor Distillery is continuing the tradition of craftsmanship, inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit Boston is known for. From the first taste to the last of Putnam Rye you will experience a journey of flavor that will envelop your senses with the aromas of charred turbinado sugar, blueberry pie, and coffee with cream make up the decadent nose of this whiskey. The palate expresses brilliantly balanced rye herbaceous qualities, while carrying forth comforting flavors of creme brulee and oak with a hint of spice on the finish leaving you longing for the next sip. Made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley and aged to perfection in 53-gallon new American Oak charred barrels in our historic distillery, we invite you to enjoy neat, over ice or in your favorite cocktail and embrace the flavor of Boston. Cheers!

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